Блогер Вікторія Кононова рекомендує носити широкі брюки з спортивним взуттям. А також каже, що це ідеальний варіант на літо. Цитата з її блогу http://www.sleekvic.com/en_GB/perfect-summer-pants/

“One of the most essential things in your summer wardrobe is a bright pants.
I choose cut free pants from NAVNA DESIGN,recently more and more I like

the broad,doesn’t hinder the movement clothes.
And now I wear it and I can’t get enough of, to have such a perfect fit that sometimes the thought creeps do not go to the gym, cause I am already good )
Fresh, elegant and refined, so it looks like a girl in bright pants..
There is another huge plus in bright pants, it’s very versatile piece of clothing. These pants goes well with shirts, blouses, tops, simple knitted T-shirts, summer jackets, and I have my own favorite combination: bright trousers and sneakers. Something a little unusual, but not trivial, as the combination of pants and sandals without heel. And it is really very comfy!”